Eradicating Blue Clove Polyps


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So my tank has been over run with these things for a few years now the have taken over every possible spot of live rock in my tank. What got me to start the Eradication was the fact that I lost a few sps frags that I put in my tank because the BCP actually smothered and killed them.

So after a ton of research I found out that fluke tabs killed these little buggers so I started my search. After tons of research I found out they stopped making them years ago(Banging my head against the wall)!!!!!!!

So on to more searching and I came across an article..

So I found this at my local pet store

I mixed up a gallon of salt water with 1 pack and tested it in my frag tank first to make sure it wouldn't kill my zoas or Sps and after a week and about 3/4 of a gallon no more BCPs and my zoas & sps are fine...

So I mixed up another gallon and put it in my display tank.

I forgot to take before pics but these are about 4 hrs after treatment.
BCP rock covered

Waving hand Anthalia usually 3-4+ in long

Elephant ear shrooms usually quarter size

Frag rack with various corals on it

Green Paly rock (you can see them closing up)

Before & after Rasta zoa frag from the frag tank
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I just dosed the fenbendazole to kill GSP. It worked. But any of the GSP that was on/near my SPS, also killed the SPS.

Looks like as the GSP died off, whatever it released wasn't good.


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100%of the cloves gone
100%of the Xenia gone
100%of the anthalia gone
100%of my snails gone
100%of astria stars gone

The only issues I had doing this is a slight increase in the brown algae that collects on the glass. Other then that and loosing my snails and my orange star fish I am super happy with this treatment...


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Did the treatment harm any zoas ,mushrooms or lps? I?ve been fighting with BCP and they are covering my zoas and overwhelming some of my lps

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