small white starfish in reef tank Asterina starfish


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Unfortunately one of these hitched a ride in and even dodged by quarantining.
I manually harvest about 6 a day from the tank. I found that they did like one rock in particular, had a bit of green algae on it. So....A 60 cc wide nozzle syringe and a kettle of hot water. The fish scattered and no other corals nearby, so about 10 syringe full of boiling hot H20 and you can see the result. Drastically reduced the total number of pests!



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I had them in a previous mixed reef tank. Never noticed any issues caused by them.

I would thin the population out from time to time as they multiply fast. I noticed they would come out more at night and congregate on the first thing in the morning I'd use a small net and scrape 20 or 30 out. Do that a few days in a row and the numbers go down for a few weeks. Repeat as necessary.