Help Aipstasia Took Over My Tank


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I have tried the following:
- tomentosus filefish: works if they are easy to access: all the remaining ones now are in deep crevices. However when they feel "safe" they will venture further out. In this case when possible I move the rock they are on a bit, and the filefish eats them
- Aiptasia-X, Joe's Juice: seem to kill them but they come back, including on the same spot.
- Kalkwasser paste: my current method: seems to work pretty well so far, and as it stays in place (unless disturbed) I do not see anything popping back in place
- Berghias: destroyed by my fish despite taking a lot of precautions (introduced at night etc). Filefish and flasher wrasse ate them.
- Peppermint shrimp: even with the largest I could get, they made a meal for my swissguard basslets.
- Majano wand: seemed to work on the easy to reach ones, but once again... my filefish can take care of these.
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