Prices of SPS frags gone crazy!!!


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Is it just me or is the pricing on some of the newer SPS frags totally insane? Are people actually paying $1500 for a 1" frag? Many online sellers, including many that advertise here, sell frags for exorbitant prices claiming to be hobbyists. I'm not begrudging anyone from making a profit but come on. I know the colors are unbelievable but a 1" frag could bleach overnight. Obviously people are more apt to take a chance if the stakes weren't so high. Cheaper frags on some websites/facebook are $600 or $700....I mean REALLY? You can find homewrecker or orange passion from local hobbyists but they still want $250 to $150 respectively. I like these corals and I know this is not a cheap hobby but I won't pay $150 for a 1" frag. I just think it's a total ripoff...but maybe that's just me.


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Unfortunately not only SPS, check out some of the prices from this guy who has quite the following. But there are some people willing to pay those prices....

All it takes is one buyer to pay $1k for an one inch frag and that becomes the benchmark price 😝



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The only way to reduce high prices is to a) stop buying the corals and b) sell or trade our own for a reasonable price.

I just started my tank and don’t have anything to sell but I’d be willing to buy corals and later on trade/give away/sell for cheap prices.


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I heard that the shipping of livestock has been very difficult, the shipping industry is focused more right now on getting covid supplies out than luxury items... makes sense but it sucks


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^That may be true from LFS and vendors but untrue from hobbyist. Many that have frags weren't going to be bought during CoVID so not much excuse here. I am sure some are able to buy mini colonies or colonies but not at an abundance. They are riding the wave and pricing just like LFS and vendors who had to deal with additional pricing due to shipping cost. But it is their choice what they sell at, it's supply and demand that says what things will sell at. If you have a buyer willing to pay higher than el cheapo, out of luck.