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Yeah, we always stop at Fish Hut and AF with this particular friend. However, I am only interested in QT'ed fish. AF charges at least as much (if not more) as TSM but I don't think they QT their fish...

I actually went to Fish Hut relatively recently and my daughter bought a few fish for her planted tank... Nice selection and they are really adding more interesting, harder to get freshwater fish.

I can't speak for their QT process. I can only base it on my experience (been on and off there for 10+ years). I have never once seen a sick (or atleast outright while I was there) or dying fish at AF. If you look at my recent post, I do not just say good things about them. I think they f*cked me last time with "RO/DI" water so they aren't good for everything. Coral prices are ridiculous and I would never recommend them for corals.

But fish....VERY good selection. Plenty of different SW available and decent prices with non-questionable health.

I would stop in and ask them their process. If I remember correctly, they run their tanks lower in SG and copper treated. Don't quote me. I bought a midas blenny from there recently and that's about it.