MP40 flow schedule


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Wondering what all of you do for your flow schedules if you can share?

Just got a new peninsula 650 and running 1 MP40 - fish only for now and will probably get another MP40 after upgrading my light and starting with some beginner corals. Since its a peninsula I will have the MP40 running on the same side of the tank. Would they still communicate effectively?

Right now I am running:
Reef Crest from 9am-10pm @ 75%
Lagoon from 10pm-9am @50% so fishies can sleep

Flow seems to be ok, just have a little bit of a dead spot at the end of my tank between two islands where there is a little bit of dirt/ hair algae growth on the sand - any recommendations on what is good to clear out dead spots or kick up detritus? Increase speed? Different modes? Attached a photo.

Experimented with doing an hour of Gyre Mode @ 75% 15 second burst