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  • thanks for the frag tank. awesome quality. appreciate it. in the midst of re plumbing system. i'll post in thread. thanks again
    Hey I'm interested in the rock, I can offer 100, I know that's less then your looking for but that's all I can afford to spend, let me kno, I'm located in nassau county can pick up tomorrow night
    hey bro, shoot me a pm when u can, i'd like to buy some of ur corals, i lost bascially everything on a move, i still have my frang tank though!
    I have a 46 gallon Bow front with a glass top and 8 gallon tank for a sump available. It also comes with a very nice black stand that fits the tank underneath behind a door and glass shelving on each side of the door. It's available for pick up near Long Beach for $350. No lights or filtration though. Maybe you can find the rest of what you need from someone else.
    i will take a piece of sunset monti, if it is still available. I can PayPal the $$ and pickup after 8pm any night this week.
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