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  1. For Sale Waterbox frag 60.3

    Interested. 201-655-0846 Sent a private pm as well maybe you never got it.
  2. For Sale NYOS 120 Skimmer

    Hey, Have one now looking for another. Hit me up 201-655-0846
  3. Coral Gsp for sale

    Fellow refers purchased three Zoa frags and what looked like an awesome GSP wall of goodness.rock Very disappointing as I texted with questions about the fact everything was not doing well,Totally understood but no return Call or text showing concern i would consider other postings.
  4. Coral Selling all my corals and stuff

    P.M sent. Let me know.
  5. Coral Corals for Sale (All must go!)

    Everything is doing great! David
  6. For Sale !!!! Corals, Corals, Corals !!!!

    Nice stuff.where are you located and can I come today late afternoon? Pm me 201-655-0846 Thanks

    Hi Mike. As usual stuff looks awesome. Willing to come out today if ok with you? Pm me as soon as you can 201-655-0846. dEmperor
  8. Coral MEAT CORAL $200

    Oops,,,,,,send me your best Pm contact to get back to you.
  9. Coral MEAT CORAL $200

    Looks awesome please private Pm me please. dEmperor. Thanks
  10. Prattreef post swap water change

    Very nice.....Looks awesome!
  11. Coral FS Green and purple torches

    I will take the large colony. Can we meet Friday? Contact me 201-655-0846 Tnx
  12. Equipment Fluval heater 150w for sale

    201-646-0846 Thanks, dEmperor
  13. Tank JBJ 20 gal, rimless frag tank + stand + light + more ($250)

    I like it. If an in person inspection WYSIg reveals truth I will take it on the spot. Contact me tomorrow 201-646-0846. Thanks, dEmperor
  14. Equipment Fluval heater 150w for sale

    Take it if you can meet in Westchester tomorrow.?
  15. For Sale Frags....good old frags

    Interested text me 201-655- 0846. Stuff looks awesome and can pickup tomorrow evening depending on your schedule. dEmperor