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  • Hi this is welkies, how do I sign up to become a vendor, not good on computer and really see nothing to direct me please help
    Hi this is member ap714 i was wondering if you could delete my thread/threads and delete my account for me.. Thanks
    hi can you please tell me how i would attach multiple pictures on a thread. one of the moderator attached some pictures for me but they are x'ed out.

    thank you
    I dont think its a credit card there asking for plus my credit is shot if not I would apply is there any other card beside a credit card
    Hey I was in fishtown USA they told me that they had a Manhattan reef
    special for members of Manhattan reef but must present a Manhattan reef membership card far as I know I never received the membership card and nor anyone else I know ever got one everytime I go there they give me a hard time with this membership card is there a carf you can provide or call them and explain to them that there is no card thank you
    Heyo! I setup a new account without the silly {} symbols because it's a pain in the ass to type with the iPad. :)
    Did u post pics of the 90 gal? I was gonna post pics but don't wan a steal your thunder. Lmk.
    Hi. I saw, the clams you had for sale. Do you still have any clams available? I am looking for a Crocea if that is not available then a maxima. Thanks.
    hi. you service my friend matt's tank in yonkers. he told me to contact you about a pvc fitting that would screw onto the drain bulk head. i have tried home depot stuff and i can only get 2 turns before it siezes. please pm me. thanks
    can I have pics/price and details for a fragpack with
    Sunset, Superman, Rainbow And Grape Cap.
    hey jim still waiting for the info of purchase so I can send the Vortex back to fix.
    really appreciate it. Thanks
    hey jim her is my e-mail address.
    thanks alot
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