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  • Jarrett do you know if it's possible to control more then one tank with a apex controller?
    I have a 660 I just took off my tank to upgrade to LED's. It worked perfectly in the years I had it on my 75. I also have 3x 48 inch aquasun bulbs with only a few months on them if you are interested. I'm in lower Westchester if you are interested.
    I had a 4 inch little porcupine puffer. Actually just died yesterday.. most likely cause of ich, and other stress in the tank. However yours doesnt look like the Diodon holocanthus... i guess its a different type of porky?
    Brad from Pets Warehouse asked me to contact you. Do you still have sharks that you want to get rid of. The grouper in the store died and the large display tank is empty

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