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  • Does anyone know where I might purchase "wild" local mummichogs? F. heteroclitus? I teach Marine Bio at a Manhattan HS and my courses have multiplies more rapidly than my fish... I have some in my school tanks and need more. My sheepshead are breeding, but I could use more to jumpstart my other tanks. I have a NYS DEC collectors licence but Hudson River Parks Trust keeps complicating any attempts I make.
    I am attempting a coral frag tank ion my classroom. 60 gallon tank, 36 gallon sump. The fellow I purchased it from had a monaco system and diy skimmer..... I'd like to set this up this year in class and the monaco system seems to take a long time to cycle. Should I 1) jump start with substrate from someone who has an active system or 2) set up a refugium with chaeto instead....? Ideas? Tips?
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