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  • Hi Randy, hope you remember me eric (scumonkey) from Manhattan?
    Also hope your still around and get this...
    Hope all is well with you and yours?!
    I'm reaching out because

    I am moving and need to break down my tank.
    I am trying to find good homes for three fish:
    Blue chin trigger, Purple tang, Navarchus Angel.
    Each in the 5+ inch size range- all clean guarantee.
    Free to anyone who can offer them a really good home!
    I also have a lot of leathers and gorgs +2 giant blood shimp
    if your interested?
    Let me know at
    take care,
    Not sure how to go about this as each club has there particular ways they like to handle :this, hoping you can help or recommend someone:

    Sustainable Aquatics is seeking part time commissioned sales people to serve local Bricks and Mortar stores selling SA hatchery bred fish, wild fish, feeds and equipment and act as a liaison and in support of the Reef Club and community. If anyone is interested please contact jeremy at jeremy@sustainableaquatics.com

    I would like to have this posted on the forum but some clubs board like to post it while others dont mind if I do. Please let me know.

    Jeremy Wootton
    National Manager of Territory Representatives.
    h iRandy hope everything is allright,i wont be able to attend this swap cause of illnesses,if i can help in any way let me know,

    thanks frank
    Hello Randy,

    Thanks for asking me about the Asian correspondent matter. I know the blog "Reef .com" on MR and read some articles before. I would be willing to be your Asian correspondent if I am qualified to this work. Please first let me know what should I do for this job and what is the frequency to post for the blogging. Thank you!

    hey randy its eddie from the set up night i wanted to extend my resources to that amazing array of tanks in your facility and let you know that i have made pipe brackets and arms that have been used to hang all types of lights and i have offered my services to alex from m.r. who used two of my custom bent poles to hang his a.i. lights and marine sargeant as well as aquatic specialties in south carolina has also used my custom bent pipes, at my job we also do all types of welding and we have a large supply of lexan plexi glass that can be used to make custom cut baffles and plastic goods, i even have industrial sized paper towels for quick big spill clean ups and plastic gloves and scalpels for fragging as well, so if you like, feel free to ask. james is a good friend of mine and he gets these priviledges as well and best of all its free of charge.

    be well and keep me in mind whenever you may need help.
    Hey Randy Its Josh..... I stopped by Pratt the other day and we were talking about my 55 gallon tank remember. Thanks for all the info and BTW i went to Manhattan Aq. Was a good treat to see that such a place exists. Anyway I do not know how to add you as a friend on here yet still learning how to use this site
    Evening. I wanted to check with someone about letting INNEED come to the swap in my place. I purchased 2 tickets but will not be able to attend. INNEED missed the RSVP. He's offered to pay for one of the tickets so I wouldn't lose out on $50 bucks. Just want to make sure he won't be stuck at the door.
    hey randy, this is jakleen, how are you? i already send my problem to sanjay . i am registered to attend for sunday's frag swap. i want to bring 2 friends. i am having problem with the site. can i just bring them and pay at the door. i will appreciate if you let me know what to do! my private e-mail is jakleenminassihaftvani@yahoo.com.
    thanks. see you sunday. bye. jakleen
    Hey Randy this is Dom Stephen Liberas uncle from ps 58 would love to come by if possible get some frags please can u call me and let me know if thats possible or not and if yes when 917 573 6233
    Basically, one of my main hobbies is "Science". ;) I find a subject that interests me and then consume vast amounts of information on the topic. Been doing that since I was wee. Cultured/raised/grew various critters/organisms for the heck of it, blew things up using chemistry and various household products, the usual. ;)
    Hi Randy.....just a quick one to say Ive had MR added to the community links on International reefers. Hopefully there will be a nice degree of interchange....The guys and girls on IR are realy nice and laid back, most of which are from Cornwall here in the UK...not the hippest branch of the UK scene nor massive in numbers, but they arnt political, dont get argumentative etc.... all in all a realy nice bunch..

    You'll find your banner link if you scroll down the main page, just under the sponsors.

    Kind regards

    First and foremost Happy new year ;) I wanted to ask you something. I have a profulix controller supposed to be the best out there. I am having a issue though w/ there conductivity probe. In "There" 50mS calibration fluid it reads 50mS. yet my refractormeter calibrated w/ pinpoint fluid the tank reads 53ms. And the probe reads 57.8 mS. I dont know what to believe. Any way for you to test the fluids out and see if one is wrong ?
    Hi Randy,
    I sent you an email but not sure if it got through. I've got the anemone sequestered so now would be a great time to give it to you. Are you still interested? Let me know asap, because if you don't want it i need to find another home. It's crawling around and could be problematic.
    my email is john@johncpfeiffer.com
    hey randy, how are you! do you still nee the power adapter for the laptop? Please LMK, I might have one. Question: I have a coral from your tank, for got what is called! Looks like some type candy, color is mint green w/white stripes. Its a LPS. I think you said capulera something...can you help me.
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