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  • hi i need two custom tanks. someone reccomended you please call me at 917 689 8401 so we can meet to discuss layout and price thank you
    917 689 8401
    Hey I text u but not sure if Ur getting them. I didn't want to call and bother u at work. But did u ever meet up with that guy for the magnet?
    Hello Rich,

    I replied to your thread on MR. Just wondering if we could set up an appointment to set up pick up the black tang and set up the refugium and have you inspect the plumbing Dennis did. I have to been able to use Viber since the wireless connection here is not compatible with my i phone. Look forward to setting up an appointment with you maybe early September.
    hey rich whats the guys manhattan reefs name from south beach? and i still owe you $6 form the day we moved the tank for the bridge.
    Just wanted to let everyone know how good of a guy you are and thank you again for kicking starting my reef tank. Just an all around nice guy and really cool how you took right to my family. Thanks again and hope to meet up with you again real soon.
    What's up richie?? I just wanted to ask you a question, I can't stop these fucking micro bubbles coming out of the return!! I tried almost everything (that I know of lol) and hasn't helped.. I changed the return line, I changed and tightened all the other lines I just can't figure it out, if you have some other insight on what you may think it is please let me know thanks, hope all is well and I'll talk to you soon!!
    Rich thanks for building my sump this weekend hopefully thedumbster is helping me finish the plumbing.

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