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  • hi there let me know if you want to meet today for the millepora! ? i'm at work until 3-4 pm today
    My new setup is finally up and running, u will have to stop by and check it out. I still have everything to buy so all i have is 2 glass boxes that hold water but i am getting excited again lol.
    Whats your number again? Please respond asap. I am about to leave for work. I also have a 55 gallon if ur interested?Are you?
    ok. I got it. BTW The original six frags never got picked up. I made one of those 3 on 1 rocks. Would you mind taking the six discs plus the 3 in 1? It'll make it easier to frag down the road.
    Hey Tom, some one is looking to buy a koralia, thats broken, heres then name, o0jmadr0x0o. After you told me what happened to yours, maybe he can use it. Any word on the marco rock?
    i really enjoyed the conversation... next time we will play some
    Tried to pm u but it wasnt working just wanted to say Your tank is sick I love it, My condo is for sale now so i'm not doing anything here but when I buy my next place I want a tour of your setup so I can see what I have to do when I do my house. The in wall refugium is such a cool idea.
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