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T-13 Days! Anniversary Hoorah!

For today's post we'd like to extend our many thanks to Red Sea for sponsoring an AWESOME product for the raffle giveaway.
Making large strides in the industry and well know for their aesthetically pleasing Reefer Series Aquarium Systems, Red is also proudly boasting complete reef solutions, truly an all in one company.

"Red Sea is committed to providing complete reef solutions, allowing hobbyists like you, to focus on the beauty of your reef inhabitants rather than worry about water chemistry or the suitability and compatibility of aquarium equipment."

And thanks to Red Sea -
6 lucky winners will receive Red Sea's very own Foundation?supplements complete starter pack!!

"Unlike the natural reef where there is an immense reservoir of foundation elements, in an aquarium these elements are constantly depleted due to coral
growth and other biological activities. Therefore, calcium, carbonates (alkalinity) and magnesium require regular testing and supplementing.
The FoundationTM Supplements Complete Pack is part of Red Sea?s complete Reef Care Program, which provides all of the supplements, test kits and coral foods required to maintain a successful and healthy coral reef aquarium. "

Stay tuned for the next upcoming days where we continue to add more to our Anniversary Day Deals and Raffles!
There's much more... so much more I tell you.