Need help 12dkh on IO reef crystal salt


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I was using that also and it?s fine when you are not dosing or doing small water changes but that?s why I switched salts. Fritz reef pro seems to be a lot closer to my actual tank parameters.....


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As grsfish said, it?s fine if you do small water changes and aren?t dosing or dosing less.
You can also lower alkalinity in your freshly mixed batch by using hydrochloric acid but make sure to aerate saltwater well before using to bring up ph Since it would be too low to use as is.


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IO mixes up high alk in most cases. I use
Muriatic acid (1.5 ml per 10 gallons saltwater) which will
Lower alk by 1 dkh .

Do it in your mixing bin (careful with fumes) and allow to circulate to raise PH to normal for a good amount of time (6 hours or more)

nyc reefer

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I’ve been using Tropic Marin for over 1-1/2yrs and love how clean it mixes up. I hated the residue in the mixing bucket and also haven’t had an algae problem like I used to have when using RC. I know you’ll be happy and the price difference is well worth it.