How to stop a drain line/overflow from burping


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Just thought i'd share this as this was causing me some irritation.

The way to stop this loud obnious noise every few seconds is to cut your drain at or slightly below water line so there is an opening for the air to escape. The reason the burping occurs is when air bubble are building up they escape after a large build up. hence the big burp/spash, etc..

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It's called 'venting' your drain. Glad to hear you've got it all worked out.

Now we want pix Gally. No more of these explanations, we want visuals.



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You don't care
Well you need to burp the line.

1. make sure you get a very absorbant towel.
2. Place towel on floor to cover any area that might be affected
3. Approach tank on overflow side and rest body in a comfortable position
4. Gently pat drain pipe with a cupped hand until burping sound finishes
5. This may take some time but should work out

***** Watch out for BLURP. Don't ask but it's gooey and messy and stinky!!