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FREE, pickup 10470.

- yellow clown goby. I’ve had him for 5 years. Perfect for a nano tank that’s LPS/softie dominated as he likes to nip at acros.
- 6 gallon Fluval Edge (tank still has substrate inside from when it was emptied three years ago lol, needs cleaning obviously)
- green birdsnest (pointed tip) 4”x2”
- green birdsnest (rounded tip) frag
- purple stylo 4”x2”
- pink stylo frag (doesn’t look very pink to me)
- teal staghorn frag
- spongodes frag
- chaeto (may have bristleworms)
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Clifton, NJ

Free Elos Sump. I removed the little chambers because they were useless.
I will have an Elos stand for free in a couple of weeks. I’m just waiting on friends to help move to new stand.

pick up only.
Mount Olive NJ


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Staten Island
I have a 265 Gallon Tank (84'x24"x30") that was used as a sump up until a few months ago. No leaks, drilled on right side and for overflow box. Weighs 400 pounds! Come pick it up in Staten Island & it's yours.
PM me if interested &/or need more pictures.


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I have a Pro-Heat D-1500 Heating only controller. Not sure if it's the probe that needs changing or something else. I can't figure it out too complicated. Free if you want to try your luck with it, mabe you'll have better success than me. Served me well for years with no problems and changed the probe once before the original. First come first serve. I'll leave it in a plastic bag by the lower basement door of 1610 East 5th Street Bklyn NY. BTW whoever picks up just post that you picked it up so that people don't waste their time going there for nothing.

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