Tank 250 gal

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What you see inside a tank is not included I just added these two pictures so you can see what the tank look like when it was set up.

Acrylic is 1 inch thick
Minor scratches hardly seen when filled
Front and side panels are like new, what you see is coraline that was starting to build on the back panel.

Very light Coraline algae on the back (black) panel. I was taking some off easily with my finger nail but didn't remove it because whomever buys it might not mind if its there. Front panel is very clean with just a few minor scratches. No crazing on the tank
I have added a side view of the front panel so u can see the clearness

250 gal reef ready acrylic fish tank
Acrylic Covers
Sump (needs one glass replaces)
Ocean revive L. E. D lights w hang kit
Dead Rocks
Two buckets of sand
Reef octopus Protein skimmer w pump Super reef octopus ro ps 2000ps int
External pump
Multi test kit foundation pro
Refractor meter

646 208 4007

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Where were u last yr was looking for exactly that type set up ended up getting custom spent fortune
This is cool set up great deal cost 2 xs or more for just the tank if get it custom made

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Is it leaking I will only buy it if it’s leaking. Wink wink the last 250 you sold me leak and I lost all my life stock. Thank you again for selling me a leaking tank and not making good. FYI THIS DUDE SELL OTHER PEOPLE TRASH. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might be buying something that was left out on the curb for the garbage man.

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