Frags $5, $10, and $15 in Oyster Bay 11732


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Have a bunch of frags for sale. I don't know all the names but there's rastas, space monsters, sakuras, nirvanas, no name mushrooms, green pocillopora, Capt Jerk Palys, Green and cinnamon Grandis Palys, Jokers, gold cloves, 3-4" gorgonian. Many of the frags have more than 1 type of coral on them. Pick up in Oyster Bay, LI 11732. Will take trades. I also have some rock flower nems for $20-35
- Joe
718 757-7112

$5 for each of the frags in the first 3 pics.

$10 for each frag in the next 3 pics

$15 for each frag in the last 2 pics (not including the forest fire mushrooms- $30 each shroom)
Also have several pulsing xenia frags $5 each (they are mounted, the pic shows some on the glass)
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