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  1. Red monti cap FS

    I have two red monti caps, around 6 inches. Growing fast and super vibrant in person. 25$ Each or trade. Text me for quicker reply and more pics 3058129165
  2. Frags forcheap clean out

    Hey Time to make space again. 1 polyp purple people eater 20$ 4 polyp bam bam zoa - 20$ 4 polyp Rasta zoa - 20$ 10 polyp 2 polyp fruit loop zoa - 30$ 1 polyp chucky bride zoa - 15$ 2 baby gold/green/blue yumas 30$ Green star polyp frag - 5$ 2 polyp Super brigs red zoas (forgot name) 20$ Large...
  3. Lobo quick sale

    Hey, I am redoing the tank. Thugs got way of of control. I have a rainbow lobo, small. Make an offer and take it. I’ll take trade or cash. Bad pick attached. It was a little closed and then blue light doesn’t let the colors come out in the pic. But there you go. First come first serve...
  4. 4-5 pound rock with few coral FSFT

    Hey, I do t have space for this rock and I do t want these corals in my system anymore. This rock has GSP, waving hand Xenia, and a polyp of toxic green pally. Probably some other cool random polyps in there. I have two huge green mushrooms I?ll throw in also. Text me with cash/trade offer...
  5. Zoas for trade

    Hey, I need to make room on the rack so I?d like to trade some of the doubles. Let?s start with these two plugs. Around 6-7 polyps each. Text me with an offer 3058129165 I?m in manhattan
  6. Wtb Superman mushroom again

    Hey I traded or bought a Superman mushroom from someone on here but I lost their contact info. Hit me up if you see this. I want to get another one from you. It was my favorite shroom and my anemone sat on it and kill it.
  7. WTB baby parrot

    Maybe someone on here knows of local breeders? Looking for a sun conure or African grey Let me know if you know anyone selling baby parrots
  8. Want filefish! Huge aptaisa issue

    Hey! Wanted to ask here before I went to the LFS and picked something up. These aptaisa have really taken off in my tank and the peppermint shrimp started eating my go bounce, so he had to go. Any one have a file fish they need to rehome? Or have one they?ll rent out to me? Shoot me a text...
  9. Orange short tentacle Plate Frags

    I have an orange Short Tentivle Plate that was fragged into quarters with a wet saw. They?ve been healed and growing back for a while now, they all have a mouth and are extending like normal. Plates grow really great in my system, I?m pretty sure they?ll be full plates in my system by the end...
  10. Looking for cardinals

    If anyone is looking to rehome any cardinals, let me know. I have an empty tank I'd really like to fill with a nice group of cardinals. Text me 3058129165. Trades are best
  11. Speak Easy Frag Swap

    Hey MR! There are plans being made for a Frag Swap this year. I can only say so much on here, so you should follow @reefinthecity_ for more details and dates. The idea is a Speak Easy styled frag swap for local reefers. If you're interested, DM @reefinthecity_ on Instagram for more details!
  12. Looking for rainbow monti

    Hey I?ve really been trying to find a small frag of rainbow monti. The few I had found are way out of town, but I appreciate the local reefers so willing to help out. And one in Manhattan with a small frag to spare? Doesn?t matter how small. I can do cash or trade. Side note: check out...
  13. Cheato in Washington heights/hells kitchen

    Trimming back today. It's literally over growing in the refugium. It's up for trade for some zoa or something I don't have. Zoa or something. Or 5$ for the fist full in he pic. Shoot me a text. I'm located in Washington heights, but I'll be in Hell's Kitchen 1-6 of you wanted to meet there...
  14. Cleaning the frag rack

    I need to make room. The rack is packed. Here is what's available: Red monti small 10$ Red monti large with multiple shells 20$ Green Bay packer zoas 15$ Rasta zoa 30$ Sunny D zoa 30$ Fruit loop zoa 35$ Baby Yuma green gold and blue 10$ for 2 babies Hollywood stunner chalice 10$ Pink and...
  15. Wtb rainbow monti

    Looking for a small frag of rainbow monti in Manhattan would be best.
  16. FS/FT zoa/Xenia rock

    Hey, Don't have he space for this one, might cut it up soon or just sell trade the whole thing. It's got 30-40 pink and gold zoas. 2-3 Rasta zoas. A ton of Xenia. Text me with trade offers. Meet in Manhattan. Sell for 60$ 3058129165
  17. Waving Hand Xenia for trade

    Hey, Im going to be taking out the extra waving hand im my system Monday probably. If anyone is looking for some waving hand. I also have Red monti, and giant green shrooms to trade also. text me 3058129165
  18. FT Monti Confusa

    Hey, I have an about 5-6 inch chunk on Monti Confusa im looking to trade. Make an offer. Its grown to big for the space I have it in and is getting stung. Its also recovering from a alk swing i had a month ago. This thing bounces back with out an issue. Place it under good light and flow and...
  19. Wtb axolotl

    Long shot. But does any one know any local breeders selling babies?
  20. Zoas for fish

    Hey, I have some nicer zoas like sunny D and Rasta to trade. Looking for a small nice morph clown. Or other small fish. Cardinal, fire fish, reef friendly fish. Text me if you?re interested 3058129165