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  1. Should I switch to a par 38 or stay with the 150w mh?

    Ok so I got a bio cube with the mh fixture and now realizing I really need to get a new bulb I'm thinking maybe its just not worth it. A new bulb is going to cost about 60 bucks and in about another 6 months another 60 bucks. I'm looking at the rapid led mixed color but I'm just concerned its...
  2. 48inch t5 fixture 4 bulbs and moon lights

    Looking to trade for a heater or sell for 30 bucks. Need it gone today
  3. I think this is so awesome!!

    My son is 6 years old and I think the hobby is starting to rub off on him. He drew this for his art project in class that gets to go on a mug or a t shirt. So proud :D lol
  4. Mr saltwater

    Anyone going to see mr saltwater on march 25th? I personally can't wait!
  5. cadlights mini 18 gallons advice and suggestions

    As some of you may know already I am currently looking to get back into the hobby. However after pricing out some of the equipment I realize until I am completely stable I may not be able to afford the setup I am looking for. To keep the reef monkeys off my back i would like to go nano for the...
  6. The total cost of starting a tank over with just having a tank?

    Ok so moved out my apartment and back home:) I have a 55 gallon tank with stand that's just waiting to be used! Well it's in use but hasn't been properly taken cared of. So I thought starting over would be a great idea! The only things I have is my 55gallon and stand got some old lights over...
  7. Par LEDs

    Ok I was thinking of getting a par bulb. But was concerned if I put a par 38 bulb is that the most par I'm going to get out of it? If so Is it worth getting a par bulb? Because from what I've been reading that's not enough par to Evan grow lps let alone sps.
  8. Rodi unit

    Do I need the chloramines rodi unit I live in the bx
  9. LEDs for sale cheapest u gonna get

    24 led dimmable DIY just need to replace 3 LEDs kit is ready to go 100 firm pick up only must go
  10. Everything must go

    Ok I'm gonna try this again. Selling all 55 gallon tank $35 Stand 20 Tank and stand together $50 Reef dynamics in80 $50 missing cap but works incredible could buy cap from reef dynamics LEDs 24 dimmable with 12 whites abd 12 blues it was a DIY project used it but have no need for it any more...
  11. Selling all my stuff

    Ok downgrading and looking to sell to be able to have the money to do a complete down grade. Reef dynamics ins80 missing collection cup selling for $75 DIY LEDs 12 blue 12 cool white. 2 LEDs need to be replaced comes with 80 and 60 lens it just needs to be plugged in and good to go and it's...
  12. Has anyone had a successful nano sps tank

    Hey I been wondering recently theirs allot more people starting to go nano and I was just curious if any one has been able to keep a successful nano or pico sps tank. If so how have u been able to keep everything thriving
  13. Advice

    Hey Mr Havnt been on in a bit do to some recent changes in life. Recently went thru a break up and ended up moving out was only able to get my skimmer and my DIY 24x24 leds not sure what else was thrown in the bag but I know those are in their. I currently I have a 55 gallon tank but it needs...
  14. Fish trap

    Looking for a fish trap, to trap some peppermint shrimps. Will pick up ASAP. Or if any one can point me to a lfs that carries them that would be great too!
  15. Has anyone bought these lights

    http://www.SUNSLIGHTING.COM/category-s/41.htm Its cheap setup but want to get your input. Wanted to know if the first one on the page was good for nano sps.
  16. Rent a par meter

    Anyone on here looking to let me rent their par meter or can tell me where I could rent one? It just makes no sense toe to purchase one if I'm just gonna use it once. Thanks
  17. Acropora and LEDs

    Just wondering what's going on I had a frag of acro and I put it at the bottom of my tank it started browning. so I moved it about an inch up it started it started bleaching moved it about half inch down it turn completely brown I moved it up a like a quaternary inch and next day completely...
  18. Wtb working chiller for nano tank

    Hey guys my landlord is getting me annoyed about leave the ac constantly running so it's time to get a chiller. Problem is I don't want to shove out allot of money on the chiller. So I'm looking to buy a chiller for a nano not looking to spend more than 200 I will purchase as soon as I get a...
  19. Thoughts on pet goods

    Ok just kinda stumbled into pet goods today and not sure what to think. I walked in went to the fish area and was kind of amazed that they had frag tanks. But their wasn't much of a good selection. After walking around I realized that I they had a much better supply of goods than petco. Ok...
  20. Aquapod 24

    Aquapod 24 gallon for sale asking 50. Would be great tank for quarantine. The top of the tank needs to be resealed. The tank comes with a stand and sand Must take the stand. Tank as is I'll throw in the pump as well. Willing to trade make me an offer.