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  1. MY AI Setup

    Hi MR Community, Has anyone had trouble maintaining a local connection to two or more hydra 26s. My local connection seems to go on and off I'm aware that a 5G network is not supported. Sometimes both lights will be recognized, sometimes the child will have a red exclamtion point and that...
  2. Reefer 350 return mod

    Anyone have any tips on how to modify the return of my reefer 350 w locline. Some of the online reviews for the adapters have been poor (flimsy, poor build quality). Thanks
  3. Leaky Connection Reefer350

    Has anyone had trouble with the unions supplied w the Red Sea Reefer 350? The red gasket does not seem to do the trick? Has anyone used plumbers tape on the junction to help seal the joint? Don?t know why its happening but perhaps a replacement gasket is in order...
  4. Question TDS Meter yes or no?

    Hi. I am returning to reef keeping after a long hiatus. Was in the hobby and worked in the business over 40 years ago. A lot has changed. I am enjoying reading posts and trying to gather as much info as I can. I am setting up a Reefer 350. Slowly...I know I will make some mistakes along the...