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  1. MAG magnesium chloride

    50lb bag of pure magnesium chloride Hard to find. Have 4 bag $25 each
  2. WTB Red Sea tank

    Looking for a new tank after being out for sometime now let me know what you have
  3. aquaeurousa chiller 1/13 hp

    have a aquaeuro usa chiller 1/13 hp for sell 200 pm me
  4. 3 mp10 wireless

    have 3 mp10 wireless asking 250 all 3
  5. 2x Ai vega color and wireless remote

    have two ai vega color and wireless remote asking 300 for everything pm me
  6. FREE fish to good home

    I'm moving and don't have the room or time. must have a larger tank for them must take all. i will not split up 1-YELLOW WATCHMAN goby about 3.5 inch 2-PAJAMA CARDINALabout 2 inch 1-yellow tang about 3 inch 1-lawnmower blenny about 2 inch 1-GREEN CHROMIS about 1.5 inch 1-GOLD STRIPE MAROON...
  7. Tank teardown

    I'm tearing down my tank do to not having enough time to take care of the tank. Fist all the fish Yellow tang about 3 inches $40 Cardinal x2 $20 for both Yellow gobi $10 blue green chromis $5 Watchmen Gobi 3"+ $20 Maroon clown 3"+ $40 Snowflake clown 1" $40 Lawnmower Gobi 2.5+ $20 I will sell...
  8. CAD Lights Conic Media Recirculating Bio-Reactor

    Had it for about a year and works like new. Looking for 100 or for some zoe frags. Pick up in ny or nj SPECIFICATIONS 3-way re-circulating valve gives you the control of the Bio-reactor at your hands. Total space useage: 6" x 6" x 12" (16" high with plumbing) Optimum water height 7
  9. Aquaeuro 1/13 chiller

    Used for about two years go to a 1/4hp so need to sell it. Can be picked up in nj or ny upper e side Text me at 3474637594 $250 1/13HP13.5" x 8.5" x 13"1/2" up to 50 gal
  10. In the emergency room because of clean my tank

    So I'm In the emergency room right now because of cleaning my tank. Was scraping the algae off the glass and the razor slipped and slid my finger open. What other accidents have people had over cleaning or maintaining their tank
  11. Maroon clown 3"+

    Looking to trade my fat maroon clown that has outgrown my tank. She was one of my first fish ever. She eat everything you put in the tank. Looking for a rose anemone or rainbow anemone.
  12. Snowflake clown

    I have a 1"+ snowflake clown that I got in a trade with some corals but I have a maroon clown that's over 3"+ long and would kill him if I put him in the Display tank so I hand to put him in my sump. $40 or trade for some nice Zoe's pm me I'm Lodi, nj
  13. 1 micron filter sock

    So at work I have these one micron filter socks that are 4 inches wide that would fit perfectly in my sump my question is. is one micron way to fine ? I ask because I get them for almost nothing at $.25 each because we go through so many in a week.
  14. innovative marine desktop reactor

    2x innovative marine desktop reactor both for $100 or will trade for sps or Zoe's
  15. Bubble tip anemone

    Looking to buy a medium size bubble tip Rose bubble tip or tricolor bubble tip
  16. cadlight pls-50 skimmer

    I have a cadlight pls-50 skimmer for sale used for about a year has new pimp from Cadlight due to warranty on old pump less then 3 months old pick up in New York upper east side or New Jersey Lodi
  17. 100lb of reef rock $100

    Have 100 pounds of nice-looking reef rock all of it for $100 I can meet in the Manhattan or in New Jersey
  18. Best reef stores in nj

    I'm moving to Lodi nj and will like to know what are the best stores to go to.
  19. 4 Power compact lights 50-50 trade

    I have 4 power compact lights that are new for Red Sea 130d 50-50 free to anyone or trade for a piece of Base rock
  20. Wtb 57g

    Looking to buy a 57g tank let me know what you have call me 3474637594