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  1. Equipment Items for sale

    Rena heater $10 Reefglass protein skimmer w/ air pump $20 RO buddie 50gpd RODI system $30 Will post pics when I get the chance....text me for quicker response or for immediate pics 3473305207
  2. Equipment Heater and pumps

    Rena heater $15 Hydor nano circulation pumps $5 each (3 available) Take everything for $25
  3. Equipment 2 MP40’s 4sale

    Both pending ...
  4. Equipment 2 MP40’s 4sale

    Sent you a PM
  5. Equipment 2 MP40’s 4sale

    Used and in working condition mp40’s $150 each or take both for $250
  6. Free Red Sea salt

    Maybe about little less than half left. Blue bucket of red sea salt. Pick up in the Bronx
  7. Nuvo fusion 10g bundle

    Sold mods close please
  8. Nuvo fusion 10g bundle

    Pending ..
  9. Nuvo fusion 10g bundle

    Still available
  10. Nuvo fusion 10g bundle

    Bump still available
  11. Nuvo fusion 10g bundle

    In the Bronx, willing to meet within reasonable distance
  12. Nuvo fusion 10g bundle

    Tank package deal for only $100!!! Innovative Marine tank with mesh lid Return pump Submersible heater Innovative marine spinstream flow nozzle Reefbreeders Spectra controllable LED light Refractometer Magfloat glass cleaner Salifert testers (calcium, alkalinity, magnesium and phosphate)...
  13. Nuvo fusion 10 gallon $85

    I’m located in the bronx
  14. Nuvo fusion 10 gallon $85

  15. Nuvo fusion 10 gallon $85

    Bump....spin stream nozzle included
  16. Nuvo fusion 10 gallon $85

    Included: Tank Mesh top Upgraded return pump (innovative marine) Mag float glass cleaner Heater Text me 3473305207 for faster response