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Hi, sent you a pm earlier today. If any items are still available, please let me know and reach me at my cell via text with info. Leaving work soon and wont be checking the site. Thanks.

cell 646-673-1776
Hello and good day,
I have 3 Aquacontroller 3 Pro that i'm using for growing hydro - it manages my nutrient tank.
Can you help me getting the serial key for Aquanotes ?

My personal email -
selling maxspect r420r led light looks new just use only for two year . I apologize this post no pic because I don’t know how to post it . No shipping pick up only I lived in Staten Island ..$300 to go feel free to contact me more infor 7189155792
i selling 68 gals cadlight tang and Red Sea protein skimmer model 300 , maxspect r420r led light all set for sell $1200 , just give me a text if u want more pic , I don’t know how to upload pic
First off, good luck with the move.

How much for the corals? ?
Hi -

thanks for reaching out! Some really amazing pieces here - really sad to have to break this thing down...

can you pick up the livestock this week? Happy to sell everything for $1500 - the melatremus was purchased for $500 alone.

Hey, what are the three zoas in the last two pics you posted and the prices on them? The red with blue center(last pic) , ice blue color and the orange (second to last pic)?