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I would or better yet purchase marine aquarium food from a vendor that has whole shrimp as part of the ingredients.
Dr. Hirsh you suggest eating the whole shrimp. In your opinion is it ok to eat the whole shrimp grounded up and in a mix of other wholesome ingredients. Does it still count as a "whole" shrimp? or does whole mean whole and untouched completely? Seems like either way should be ok its all there?


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LOL, no prob, but your sounded like the 2015 winner!

Thanks for the compliment!

Yes, agree there are alot of people with successful tanks but rarely have come across someone that has had the good fortune of breeding so many different types of fish. Rarely see on this forum. Have been to many homes now to pick up corals and I cannot recall even once except for maybe clownfish where some has pointed out that their fish has bred or are breeding. There is a ton of great growing awesome corals for sure but breeding not much at all. So do consider Paul a rarity at least in this area. Yes there is MBI but not terribly user friendly IMO. Please take into consideration we are average hobbyists not privy to the higher level part of the community where breeding of fishes is more likely to occur and the foods they feed. Do not see anyone posting on these forums with this kind of info.

The best thing about this hobby is that everyone pretty much has access to everyone else. :D

Coverting anecdote to facts is a good thing to be aware of for sure and it is great you point this out.


Are all dry foods/pellets based on real scientific data? If some are, which ones?

I don't know what that means.

If generally speaking dry foods are not as good a source of food as frozen should we ban all dry foods?

Some dry foods seem fine. Depends on what you want.

Is all that the dry food companies claim based on facts and any more or less true than what Paul claims?

Depends on the claim.

If not, then why ?pick? on Paul.

I am not picking on Paul. We are having a discussion.

He is no more adding to the killing of animals than the big dry food companies. Is it just easier?

Depends, and I am not picking on him. Happy to call out big any goofly claim if I come across it and have the time.

I do not think I see any dry foods on the list of foods being fed in the Steinhart aquarium.

We feed New Era and some other dry foods.

If dry foods are inferior and quite possibly worse than blackworms overall then how is this any different?

I don't know what that means.

If this was truly the case, there would be much more impact going after those guys. I say cut through the bull where the impact is bigger, will save more animals.

Sometimes I do. Since you feel it so important, I look forward to you pursuing this avenue.

As far as someone backing up their claims, this is a totally unrealistic request to make from the hobbyist community. We do not have science labs in our homes.

Nah, if you can't back it up, just don't make the claim. Words like 'maybe' and 'seems' make a huge difference. The next skeptical reefkeeping will address doing science at home.

Why should we trust the science community anymore than the hobbyist community?

Because by and large they do rigorous testing. Do you trust your computer, your care and air planes? Science baby.

Where does the money come from for research projects? Is it from large corporations with their interests at play?

Different places. Sometimes.

If this is the case, has this also killed more animals in the long run by focusing on who knows what that interests them for profit?

Maybe. Still has no bearing on what we as a community do.

Seems to me live or frozen foods are not researched with any hard data because the money is not there for these large corporations to invest in and make money.

Maybe. There is often a lot of research in foods, but I don't know what kind of data you are looking for.

As for China, if there are 6 dogs that you prevent from being kicked and abused here versus 10 mil people eating dogs in China, I suggest posting on the chinese dog forums as it should have much more impact.

I disagree, but you should go for it.

If 100 million people, if not more are eating fish with no regard to the population of species on such a large scale in China, I think one would be better off to post on the seaford china restaurant boards demanding they stop?.much more impact than asking well meaning hobbyists doing the best they can to enjoy the hobby to care of their fish a bit better.

Other people being bad does not mean we should be bad too.

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